Sunday, February 7, 2016

Every Hour I Need Thee.

This weekend I had the honor of attending the If Gathering simulcast with a large group of local women. I haven't felt this refreshed, encouraged and challenged in a long time! If you're curious, you can check out the simulcast from the comfort of your own home for a limited time here.

I think it will take days to process the good words I heard and let them sink in. But in the meantime, some of my favorite quotes have started to pop up around the house, like this one by Bianca!

A group of amazing women pulled together and donated their time, resources and talents to make our local gathering extra special. I just love how much beauty and power is unleashed when women come together-which is ironically the general theme of the conference itself.

My contribution was this little print (and also volunteering my husband's cooking skills!). I thought you might want to print one off for yourself too (download by clicking on the photo below). The prints we gave away were cut a little differently than expected, but the version below has a bit more white space and will look good in or out of a frame.


  1. i all love this! thanks for sharing! :)

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